Executive Talent Magazine: Volume Twelve

Growth. Agility. Choice. Diversity. On the surface they may seem unrelated, but in fact, these critical issues are not only strongly connected, they are core for innovation in today’s rapidly transforming and competitive business environment. Never have the challenges for business been greater, but they have also never been as exciting. Gone is the status quo. And here we are left to shape the new era of global business, together. 

In this issue of Executive Talent magazine, we:

  • Explore three types of business growth profiles for today — investing, performing and creating — with McKinsey & Company’s Liz Hilton Segel. How can these profiles be combined to accelerate the type of growth needed for today’s highest performing organizations? 

  • Delve into The Conference Board’s "C-suite Challenge"TM study and look at the top business issues facing C-suite leaders today. 

  • Discuss the role of choice with Sheena Iyengar, to understand the cultural nuances that impact how we think about choice and how we choose, and how we even decide to choose or not. 

  • Ask what impact have #MeToo and #TimesUp and the conversations they have spawned had on global business? How have they contributed to the conversation for achieving gender parity at Board and C-suite level? 

  • And more


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