Executive Talent Magazine: Volume Thirteen

To thrive today, organizations must be nimble, innovative and disruptive. What disruptive technologies are impacting global business? How can legacy businesses transform into competitive digital players? In this issue of Executive Talent magazine, explore:

  • How can a legacy business take on the best of startup culture? What elements of startup culture can (and should) large, established organizations appropriate, in order to adapt and stay competitive? 

  • The qualities that organizations must cultivate to foster creativity, and ultimately, innovation.  

  • Digital tools and disruptive technologies from AI and machine learning to 3D printing, 5G, IoT, Robotic Process Automation and more which are transforming communication, banking, HR, manufacturing and other sectors.  

  • How the gig economy has evolved to a reliable pool of talent for hire and the implications of this for the C-suite

  • Asia and its developing economies. How, as the world's largest and most populous continent, are technologies and talent transforming business in Asia 

  • And more



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