Executive Talent Magazine: Volume Ten

Baby Boomers are retiring in droves in developed markets around the world, leaving senior management roles across industries without successors. Is senior management headed straight off a cliff or about to set sail on the crest of a new wave?

We explore the next generation of executive leadership as senior executives worldwide grapple with keeping pace in a climate of constant uncertainty and lightning fast change, in a new world order that feels fundamentally different than what came before. Yet, beneath the anxiety emerge ripples of a new vision for global business—a clear glimpse of the opportunity that lies ahead as we boldly ride the crest of a new era.

In this issue of Executive Talent magazine, we:

  • Seek to understand the generational transition of leadership based on an AESC survey with 850+ business leaders worldwide, across industries and geographies. Glean their insights on their biggest organizational challenges to date.

  • Explore the evolution of executive search, from its postwar beginnings to the present day.

  • Gain a better sense of where our profession is headed with feedback from next generation AESC executive search and leadership consultants.

  • Define candidate care and elaborate on why it is an important aspect of our profession.

  • Examine how board rooms are evolving. Today’s business climate is shaking up board composition, expanding and redefining what is expected of boards, and fundamentally changing what it means to be a director.

  • Get insight on the new school approach to assessing emerging leaders with Kandace Miller at The Cluen Corporation.

  • And more



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