Executive Talent Magazine: Volume Eleven

For executive search and leadership consulting firms, the commitment to confidentiality and respect for an individual’s private information are already core values of the profession. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has sweeping consequences for how we conduct business. We at AESC see it as our responsibility to interpret these rules and how they apply to our profession to be sure AESC Members—the highest quality firms in the world— are prepared for GDPR and remain committed to data privacy and data security.

In this issue of Executive Talent magazine, we:

  • Investigate GDPR and what it means for executive search and leadership consultants, their clients and candidates. 

  • Look at the trusted advisor relationship and what it means today and why it matters. Speaking with AESC Board Directors, Members, as well as clients, we examine this coveted relationship, how to get there and how to maintain it. 

  • Examine Europe’s aging workforce with Ilaria Maselli, Senior Economist at The Conference Board. Maselli provides a convincing business case for retaining and recruiting mature workers and investing in their productivity. 

  • Discuss opportunities and agility with entrepreneur Peter Hinssen. Author of The Day After Tomorrow, Hinssen illustrates how companies can prepare themselves for radical change. 

  • And more



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