Executive Talent Magazine: Volume Eight

The speed of technological growth has changed our lives significantly. Explore some of the technology trends that will inform the next decade of business leadership and question how to strike a balance between the art and science of strategic advising.

In this issue of Executive Talent magazine, we:

  • Explore McKinsey’s latest research into automation in the workforce and apply it to C-suite roles and the executive search profession.

  • Share an excerpt of Gerd Leonhard’s book Technology vs. Humanity where he describes the opportunities and threats that the next wave of technology could pose.

  • Dive deep into discovering how Industry 4.0 is changing clients’ businesses and the effect that has on the executive search and leadership consulting profession.

  • Examine the Chief Information Security Officer role and how clients are tackling cyber security.

  • Look at how technology has enabled new possibilities for executive-level assessments providing the foundation for a broader service offering.

  • And more



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