Welcome to Executive Talent Magazine, Vol. 20: The Adaptation Advantage

AESC Executive Talent Magazine: The Adaptation AdvantageWelcome to Volume 20

Months into the global COVID-19 pandemic, there are emerging glimpses of what is to come. While we are by no means out of the woods, there is a vaccine on the horizon, parts of Asia are already stepping into our next normal, and the rest of the world is learning, adapting and even innovating. One thing is clear: the post-COVID world will undoubtedly move faster.

We spoke with AESC Members and other expert advisors to better understand how organizations and their leaders can embrace change, prepare for speed and agility, and best position themselves for what’s next. In this issue of Executive Talent, we explore:

  • The Adaptation Advantage: Leaders and Organizations Ready for Change The difference now, future-of-work strategist Heather E. McGowan states, is the pace. People must continue to adapt, reskill and upskill—and to thrive in a rapidly accelerating world—concentrate on abilities such as collaboration, design thinking, creativity, agility and empathy.

  • Mind the Gap: Women in STEMM Diversity is a business imperative and therefore the STEMM gap comes at a steep cost for economies and organizations, as well as the women left behind. We spoke with four executive women in STEMM on the STEMM gap, its cost, causes and remedies, and what the future holds for women in STEMM.

  • Asia in Front: Embarking on the New Asian Century In the 21st century the question is no longer how quickly Asia will rise but how it will lead. In the current period of accelerating disruption and change, resilience may be key to Asia’s success. We spoke with Oliver Tonby, Asia Chair at McKinsey & Company, as well as AESC Members in Asian markets to explore the “New Asian Century.”

  • INdivisible: Radically Rethinking Inclusion for Sustainable Business Results The value of inclusion is irrefutable, from innovation and business outcomes to thriving communities. And still, genuine inclusion has yet to be achieved at a broad scale. In the book “INdivisible,” authors Alison Maitland and Rebekah Steele introduce a new, whole-system approach to bringing measurable inclusion into the strategy and operations of organizations.

  • Agile & Open: A Q&A with Cluen's Andy Shapiro.


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