How to Break Down Communication Barriers

The perfect but unyieldingly uninterested candidate, the demanding client amidst a critical time crunch, the inconvenient ‘blanking-out’ moment; these are all challenging situations we, as researchers, have faced or are bound to face.

With any form of exchange, you never know what curveball might be thrown your way. How can we best prepare for and maneuver around these communication obstacles? How can we fully maximize and close out even the smallest windows of opportunity? How do we overcome dominant speakers who eclipse our shining moments to effectively respond in meaningful dialogue?

Below, Dorje Swallow, actor, director, and voice-over artist, shares a sneak peek of In the Moment Improv and more to look forward to ahead of his presentation at the AESC Executive Research Forum in Sydney.

Being ‘in-the-moment,’ entails organic, homogeneous processes occurring between conversations with shared responsibility and exchange of information.


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