New BlueSteps Guide: The Side Hustle Megatrend

a new executive career guide from BlueSteps is now availableSide Hustle Megatrend: BlueSteps Career Guide

Passive income, gig economy, side hustle — in 2020, the trend of executives diversifying their portfolios to generate multiple income streams is stronger than ever. Inside this guide, you'll find everything you need to know on being a 'flex executive,' including: 

  • Personal Branding: Expertly position yourself for multiple roles with resume/CV & LinkedIn profile tips.
  • Interim Management: What it takes to be an interim executive and how to attract interim roles.
  • The Boardroom: Benefits of joining a board and why there's greater opportunity than ever before.
  • Consulting: Uncover the main types of consulting roles, how you can adjust your interview technique to get ahead of the competition and your compensation potential.
  • And More...

“Just to say, I helped a company get off the ground, that doesn’t tell me much about the industry, the space, the size, the complexity. What was happening in the background? What were the nuances that make me the right person for the next role because of what I tackled there?” - Alicia K. Hasell, Managing Partner, Boyden.

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