BlueSteps Announces New Guide: Career Navigation Through a Global Pandemic

a new executive career guide from BlueSteps is now availableCOVID-19 BlueSteps Career Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely shaken the business landscape. Each day is presenting new, unprecedented challenges that organizations and leadership teams are struggling to navigate. This guide shares real concerns we’re hearing from our community of leaders across the globe on how their job search, leadership and career progression are being affected by this crisis.

Inside, you'll find expert advice from the BlueSteps network of executive-recruiters and career advisors and AESC Members, on topics including:

  • Job search: The risks and opportunities associated with switching roles during the current business climate.
  • Interim roles: Why interim roles are in the spotlight and how to present yourself as an ideal candidate.
  • Virtual networking: Tips on building and nurturing professional relationships in a virtual setting.
  • Leadership: How to keep teams motivated and connected.

The guide also answers specific questions such as:

Should executives who are job searching, stay or go? Is making a career move in this current climate a good idea and do they risk being first in, first out?

“You do need to take a look at how this collapse is possibly affecting the company that you might be going to. You might say, I’ve dodged a bullet here. I do think that’s something to consider. On the other hand, if all things being equal, it’s affecting your business, your current business as well as the future business, I would stick with your original plan, and probably follow through to make the move.” - Chris Swan, Managing Director, TRANSEARCH.

On the flip side, the challenges that organizations are currently facing, present greater opportunities for leaders to progress internally.

“Our work environments are going to require leadership characteristics such as flexibility, adaptability, agility, cross-functional capability, innovation. This is a great time to show that you have all those traits. To deliver for your company, so that you can then really capitalize on that later, show what you’re made of and really step up and deliver.” - Rosalie Harrison, Partner, Borderless.

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