Asia-Pacific Executives Expect Growth in 2015

A recent report from the AESC’s BlueSteps career management service indicates senior executives in the region have a positive view of management-level employment growth, particularly in the healthcare and technology sectors.

A recent report from the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants, revealed that more than 66% of senior executives from Asia described the executive job market outlook in 2015 as positive compared to 2014.

Patrick Rooney, AESC Asia-Pacific Managing Director, commented, “Positive growth in Asia alongside increasing difficulty faced by firms trying to find the right talent, account for high levels of employment optimism among executives in Asia”.

More than 62% of senior executives in Asia expect to see growth in the healthcare/life sciences sector. Mr. Rooney said that “ageing populations and high disposal incomes are creating a boom in healthcare so a corresponding expectation of increased opportunities for executives makes sense.”

Technology is also seen as rapidly developing area with 56% of executives expecting to see employment growth in that sector. “The growing global profile of Chinese tech firms is having an impact. It’s a hot area of growth” said Mr. Rooney.

Only 36% of business leaders expect to see growth in the industrial sector while 34% see opportunities increasing in the consumer sector. Executives were least positive about growth in the financial services (29%), professional services (20%) and not-for-profit (8%) sectors.

Geographically, executives were most positive about employment prospects in China and South-East Asian markets.


This article was originally published on LinkedIn.