Smart Search

Founded in 1996, Smart Search is honored to work with clients ranging in size from small, highly specialized firms to large, global firms and alliances. Their training programs for researchers, associates, and consultants are custom-designed to meet the needs of each group. Smart Search work all around the world with individuals and teams of all sizes.

Rachel Roche is the Founder and President of Smart Search, a consulting firm specializing in the training and education of retained executive search professionals. For more than a decade, Rachel has designed and delivers online and webinar training to global members of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants.

Through Rachel’s career, she has fallen in love with search and has developed a passion for teaching it. Most researchers, associates, and even consultants go into the profession with little or no training.

Smart Search is dedicated to providing that missing link and Rachel focuses on experiential learning in a close-to-real-world environment.

To learn how Smart Search can support your firm’s recruitment training needs, please contact Rachel Roche at smartsearch@wi.rr.com or by phone at 262-567-6000.