5 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Education Program

Self-assessment is essential to be aware of your growth and what you can improve on. Ask yourself, how far have you pushed yourself professionally in the last ten years? What do you see yourself achieving in the next?

Professional development is crucial in this fast-paced environment. Evolving technology, client demand, and pressure for shorter deadlines mean constant improvement. AESC is here to help—whether you're brand new to the executive search and leadership consulting profession or you're looking to broaden your portfolio of skills.

Here we’ll outline which program might be right for you. Ready to cross something off your goals list?

How do I choose the right program for me?

Here are five things to consider before choosing the right program for your needs.

Tenure & Role1. Tenure & Role

Consider your role in the profession and your current needs. The Advanced Certificate in Executive Talent Consulting from AESC and Cornell's ILR School focuses on human capital strategy, leadership, and business. The program is for individuals who have a solid foundation in executive search and leadership consulting and prior experience. Consultants and advisors could also consider the Certificate in Client Relationship Development if building a client network and maintaining relationships are a priority. If you’ve recently joined a firm or are new to the profession, our Certificate in Executive Research covers the fundamentals and works well as foundational training.

skillset goals icon2. Skillset Goals

Where you are in your career now may or may not reflect your goals for the future. What makes the most sense as the next steps in your career? Conduct research on your possible career paths and assess which skills you should add to your toolkit. The education programs cover a wide variety of topics—from business strategy and leadership consulting; to sourcing conversations and qualifying candidates; to growing and cultivating client relationships.

time commitment3. Time Commitment

What is reasonable for your current schedule? The time commitment varies for each program but is also dependent on your diligence. The Certificate in Executive Research may take as little as 3 weeks, depending on your commitment. If you need flexibility, explore the Certificate in Client Relationship Development. It offers a total of 16 hours of learning, whether you're in the office, at home, or on-the-go. Effective Interviewing® ELearning can take as little as two hours and is perfect for individuals that have come from the industry and need help with basic interview skills or need a refresher.

learning method4. Preferred Learning Method

Are you an online or an in-person student? Do you need to practice your skills in an interactive way, or prefer to learn on your own? The Certificate in Executive Talent Consulting program runs approximately for 4 months and includes interactive learning modules, industry expert-led discussions, networking sessions, and a final project presentation. In 2023, the certificate program will be held from September to December. The Certificate in Executive Research program combines online learning, interactive Expert Forums on the phone, and an exam. The Certificate in Client Relationship Development and Effective Interviewing® ELearning are both multimedia experiences. The courses are available online for you to complete at your leisure.

team training5. Team Training Options

Are you on a team, or manage a team? Many of the programs could serve as a training opportunity for new hires, or for your team to complete together. Group rates are also available for budgeting needs. If you're looking for customized options, you can discuss your team’s training needs with us.

What AESC education opportunities are out there?

We partner with leading institutions to offer cutting-edge educational content. The programs range from new hire training, professional development, team development, interactive Q&A sessions, workshops, and e-mobile learning. With a variety of options to choose from, you can work towards adding new tools and skills to your resume.

AESC educational programs are available for AESC members, nonmembers, and corporate recruitment teams. Ensure you deliver long-term value for clients and your own organization. Choosing an option for professional development is an important decision. Ready to take your career to the next level?

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