Enhanced Executive Search in a Digital Era

opportunities for executive search firms to embrace digital and mobile technology

Relationships are central to the success of a business, regardless of the industry in which they operate. However, in executive search where intimacy and insight into clients’ needs and an understanding of candidates’ capabilities are paramount, this statement rings even truer.

We live in a world where the information accessed and held on digital devices is fundamental to our everyday lives and instant feedback and access to information on the go is now a necessity rather than a possibility. In a world of digital expectancy, technologies are not intended to replace personal engagement or direct communication – they are a complimentary tool for strengthening relationships with your key stakeholders.

Enhancing the way you work

In adopting digital technology, the first step to success is to realize that you are simply replicating and enhancing the way you have always worked. You are continuing to strengthen key relationships by providing your clients with timely, relevant and informative communication. Through the use of digital technology, you can provide your clients with a fully branded and customizable portal that they can access on their mobile phone, laptop or device of choice, at a time that suits them. This proposition can really enhance the service you deliver and shine a light on the unique insight and value your firm provides. If a client wants to check on the progress of an assignment late on a Friday night, digital technology allows them to log on and review the candidates put forward.

The ability to capture feedback on candidates is where the digital journey starts to get really interesting. You have the opportunity to make step-change improvements to the way that you work. Digital technology can enable you to capture the high value insight, opinion and scoring from client stakeholders and from across your firm. This is the data that is so much harder to capture and digitize but often encapsulates the essence of the value being created and delivered. The fostering of a collaborative, transparent and engaged search process between client and firm, should lead to better communication, understanding and ultimately a stronger and more successful search outcome.

Digital Collaboration with Candidates

Now, let’s consider the experience of the candidate. Similarly, the use of digital technologies should be seen as a tool to enhance and enrich the key relationships between a candidate and their trusted consultant. Once more, strong communication is key. Streamlining the service you provide and your communication can be a real advantage in the running of efficient processes.

Consider yourself in the position of a candidate, en-route to an interview, having perhaps had less time than hoped to prepare. You reach for your mobile phone and click on an app, branded with your favorite search firm’s logo, containing all the information that you need. This will include the interview details, who you’re meeting, their bio, company briefing and role description, the interview location and maps, the consultant and partner contact details.

Mobile technologies undoubtedly present one of the greatest opportunities to make digital collaboration between your team, the client and the candidate a reality. It presents the greatest opportunity to capture, share or view pertinent data on-demand. Mobile technology is always with us, so we must consider it central to effective digital success.

Digital technologies cannot and will not replace the fundamental basis of executive search, a trusted and personal relationship between firm and client. But as the world goes digital, it’s an interesting and appropriate time for firms to reflect on how and where the opportunities that digital presents can be harnessed to help them stay relevant, informed, innovative and ahead.

About Invenias

By David Grundy, Chief Executive, Invenias. Invenias was founded in the UK in 2005 by search professionals who were disillusioned with the technology available in the marketplace. Invenias quickly became the world’s fastest growing provider of software solutions to the executive search sector. With offices and hosting centres across Europe, the US and Asia, Invenias has over 1,000 customers globally and supports thousands of users across sixty countries.

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