About Meridian

Number of Consultants: 2

Founded twenty years ago, Meridian assists listed corporations, family-owned companies, mid-sized enterprises and startups, with attracting and nurturing talents.

Meridian is organized like an artisans’ workshop, proposing customized, long-lasting and sustainable work.

Meridian is more particularly serving the following business sectors such as banking/finance/insurance, real estate, agro-chemicals, retail, BtoB, BtoC, luxury, education/culture, and consulting.

The counsel Meridian gives to their clients takes many facets: detecting potential, proposing less obvious candidates profiles, actively participating in the integration of the recruits, helping  the conception of innovative options to better serve the strategy.

Industry Specialties
Functional Specialties
General Management/CEO/COO, Board of Directors

The AESC Standard

Meridian commits to AESC's rigorous Code of Professional Practice. Business leaders worldwide can be assured that AESC Members are able to serve as trusted advisors for their most important engagements.

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