Positively Adapting to Change, Challenges & Setbacks Video

Gina Marescia, a Practice Leader, Consultant & Author of Impactful Leadership: Unlock your Power CABI™, will join us at this year’s virtual Executive Research Forum 2020 on 29 September*. We asked Gina a few questions about her session—how resilience relates to belonging and connection to others, and key points from her research-based resilience framework.

  • 0:00 - Introduction from Gina Marescia
  • 0:32 - What does resilience mean to you and why is it important?
  • 1:18 - Can you speak to your research-based resilience framework?
  • 1:56 - How can this apply to the high-stakes world of senior recruitment?
  • 3:16 - Is it possible to thrive in a period of prolonged uncertainty like we're in now?
  • 4:02 - What is the role of connection in building resilience and how has COVID-19 changed that?
  • 4:51 - What is the link between purpose and resilience?
  • 6:14 - What do you hope to provide attendees from your session at our AESC Executive Researchers & Associates Forum?

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