Korn Ferry: In Europe, leadership for a new era

A recent report from Korn Ferry finds that corporate government affairs representatives in Europe are adapting to a new landscape in the wake of recent political and economic changes. To handle these changes, representatives need to revamp how they handle the interests of their organizations and sectors.

Complex negotiations are underway in government centers involving many parties over how Europe will innovate, grow, and compete in the years ahead. While the United Kingdom’s relationship to the EU dominates headlines due to the voter-approved Brexit in Britain, enterprises in the region must also confront myriad other key issues, including regulation, taxation, data protection, and climate change. With the movement of European government affairs executives between industries there will be many opportunities for ambitious European government affairs executives to gain new experiences and move forward in their careers.

“With so much change in the offing, organizations will be placing a greater value on candidates who display learning agility and situational adaptability,” said Sigrid Marz, senior client partner, Technology and Public Affairs EMEA, at Korn Ferry. “Experience is valued. However, people will need to adapt to the potential for rapid change and to the differences between various sectors and member capitals.”

Korn Ferry's research indicated that government affairs executives feel they possess competencies required to perform effectively today, but do not necessarily possess the skills and capacities that will be important in the future. Moreover, the research suggests government affairs executives may lack important senior leadership competencies—a shortcoming that could hamper their aspirations for higher positions that include board exposure.

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