Korn Ferry: The Black P&L Leader

Consultant JT Saunders & Managing Partner Michael C. Hyter of Korn Ferry, published new insights from their latest report.

They now oversee thousands of employees and billions of dollars of revenue at the nation’s largest corporations. But in the quiet moments, many of today’s top Black corporate leaders feel that making it was a lot more difficult for them than it would have been for others.

Indeed, according to new Korn Ferry research, nearly 60% of the Black executives who oversee major lines of business at Fortune 500 companies felt they had to work twice as hard—and accomplish twice as much—to be seen on the same level as their colleagues. At the same time, more than a third of the leaders said they were assigned extremely tough projects that no one else wanted to handle. “These leaders felt like they had to prove themselves in ways that they perceived their colleagues didn’t have to,” says Mike Hyter, a managing partner in Korn Ferry’s Board and CEO practice, and a project leader on the firm’s new report, The Black P&L Leader.

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