Cornerstone International Group: Are Company Values Delaying the Gig Economy?

The gig economy, discussed more in 'The Rise of the Gig Economy' in Issue 13 of AESC's Executive Talent Magazine, is the rise of freelance work and independent contractors. Harvard Business Review believes 150 million workers have already left the organized workforce to work as independent contractors.

However, a new survey report from Cornerstone International Group indicates that almost 90% of respondents are still more comfortable with full-time employees, for 2/3 or more of their workforce, to ensure that they share company values.

Proponents of the gig economy cite flexibility as the biggest management benefit of on-demand labor:

  • Over 15% have already changed their recruiting strategy
  • 74% are in the process of doing so
  • Just under 90% acknowledge that change is on its way

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