Cejka Executive Search: Uncertainty Fuels Demand for Agile and Effective Healthcare Leaders

In the United States, the uncertain fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and insurance carriers’ coverage practices, has led to a burgeoning increase in demand for demonstrated leadership to help navigate the evolving healthcare landscape.

Vice President and search consultant for Cejka Executive Search, Rachael Burns, answers the following questions on this topic:

  • How would you describe the current healthcare landscape?
  • What impact is this having on the strategic direction of the medical institutions that deliver patient care?
  • What type of leadership is most in demand for an evolving healthcare landscape?
  • Where do these multifaceted healthcare leaders come from, in terms of recruitment?
  • For these candidates in high-demand, what is most attractive in a job offer?
  • What advice can you offer organizations currently looking to fill healthcare leadership roles?
  • What is the most common challenge organizations face in recruiting healthcare leaders?
  • What does an organization overcome a misalignment on compensation?

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