Amrop: Wise Decision-Making: Stepping Up to Sustainable Performance

Leadership today is filled with difficult social, environmental and ethical dilemmas.

This global study from Amrop provides a step-by-step guide to sustainable performance in leadership.

Here's what you'll find in the report:

  • A 3 pillar model for Wise Decision Making.
  • Concepts, data, and a clear framework with practical tools and steps to sustainable performance.
  • Key questions for Boards and leadership talent strategists.
  • 5 ways to exercise reflection in action.
  • Ways to underpin confidence and minimize overconfidence biases.
  • A Toolkit to help transcend bias, and good news on ambiguity-handling.
  • A question catalog to kick off a Life Plan and Goals.
  • A Feedback Toolkit with 5 common feedback traps.

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