Alder Koten: What Shared Leadership is and How It Can Make Your Organization Better

Jose Ruiz, Chief Executive Officer of Alder Koten and AESC Council Member, published new insights on shared leadership.

Due to the increasingly complex business world, many growing organizations introduce shared leadership. The philosophy of shared leadership lies in optimizing human capital to provide the best possible solution to various issues surrounding the organization. To be successful, shared leadership requires several conditions, which must be met.

Shared leadership allows co-leaders to combine and complement their strengths in technical and soft skills, as well as allowing them to work on their weaknesses by learning from each other.

The following are seven important things to be aware of:

  1. Encourage the most qualified individuals by giving them the opportunity to lead.
  2. The decision-making capacity must be well defined.
  3. Make team members feel encouraged to take initiatives.
  4. The more qualified an individual, the more autonomy will be provided.
  5. Decisions should not be second guessed.
  6. Co-leaders should consider themselves facilitators and mentors instead of managers.
  7. Follow-up reviews and evaluations are highly encouraged.

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