Stanton Chase on Cybersecurity Leadership

In this article, Stanton Chase discusses how corporate information technology roles have gained increased importance in their respective firms. The rise in importance in these roles is due to technology’s essential role in running a business. Now with the growing number of cyber-attacks technology leaders are called to interface with insurance, risk management, compliance, security, legal, audit, finance and operations. Technology has opened up to interconnecting all devices which is increasing the concerns related to security attacks.

As the number of jobs and job descriptions of those charged with securing a company changes, corporations need leaders who can move across the organization with security at the forefront.  Meaning, they must be familiar with every aspect of an enterprise.

Aside from being well versed in technology, these new leaders need to be strong communicators, able to create awareness and influence others on security matters, as well as respond to and manage crisis. The skills required for corporate information technology roles is not unlike those reflected by other leaders in the organization. Cybersecurity is here to stay, and these roles are more about leadership than technology.

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