Stanton Chase: AI for Good: How Executives Can Drive Successful Adoption in Social Impact Organizations

AI has greatly impacted the social impact sector and can be a catalyst for change among these organizations.    

While many may operate under the false impression that AI implementation is expensive (which it is) and thus out of reach for smaller social impact and non-profit  organizations (which it isn’t), taking a look at recent case studies makes it clear that the extent to which social impact organizations are already using AI is much larger than you may have thought.   

But while AI comes with many opportunities and upsides, it also has inherent risks and downsides, and the proper leadership is needed to bring out the best in it. In this article, better understand:

  • AI Adoption in the Social Impact Sector, 
  • AI Use Cases in Social Impact Organizations,
  • Challenges and Considerations,
  • Steps to AI Implementation Success,
  • And more!

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