Spencer Stuart: Managing Technology‑Enabled Executive Onboarding And Transitions

Even in the best of times, onboarding executive talent is a challenging yet mission-critical endeavor. Many organizations are now contemplating how to onboard executives during a COVID-19 work-from-home situation, while onboarding executives are understandably concerned about how restrictions will impact their ability to build rapport, align their team and pick up on cultural cues.

Spencer Stuart believes that most effective transitions in this environment result from a well-orchestrated onboarding and transition plan that leverages technology and includes more frequent and varied interactions than the norm. A deliberate and focused transition plan can dramatically improve a leader’s potential for success, positioning them to do the following:

  • Create a foundation for strong relationships with team members, colleagues and other stakeholders.
  • Make important observations about the culture and how work gets done
  • Develop an effective leadership style for the context

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Eric Leventhal, Samantha Helen Copp, Cassandra Frangos and Edward M. Stadolnik
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