Saxton Bampfylde: Humanity At The Heart of Digital Prosperity

During this time, one of the most fundamental changes to stem across all areas of life is the development of digital technology. The embedding of digital practice and experience is increasingly the difference between an organization’s success and its failure. It is a landscape that is changing continually, and perhaps more rapidly than any of us could have anticipated.

Digital technology has enabled multiple organisations to continue or develop a new modus operandi, at least in the short term, as people across the globe grapple with working at home. Without technology there is very little doubt that this would have been possible or even imaginable. However, no matter how advanced, accessible and collaborative the technology available, people are, and still remain, the most important asset of an organisation.

Key insights from this report:

  • This is not a new phenomenon, however: digital has been at the top of the agenda across the vast majority of sectors for many years. Rather, the pandemic has served as a catalyst for change.
  • Regulatory framework and a perceived lack of governmental support were highlighted as significant barriers to entry, particularly in sectors such as financial services or utilities.
  • Consumer expectations of customer service have been changed fundamentally by the integration of digital technology and there is a pressing need for organizations to work hard to match these.

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Kate Ludlow
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