Pekarsky & Co: Zooming Into The Future: Tips On Interviewing Via Video And Putting Your Best Face Forward

How will you, as the hiring manager, meet and interview candidates? And how will you, as the candidate, stand out while sitting in front of a computer screen?

Luckily with the advent of video technology, it is absolutely possible (not to mention absolutely advisable) to meet and interview via video, rather than in person. As a veteran video interviewer, Erin Dand of Pekarsky & Co has seven tips and tricks she has learned over the years on how to put your best face forward in a video interview.

  1. Yes, you do need to actually see their face- They say that up to 93% of communication is non-verbal, and in my professional experience, you just can’t get to know someone without being able to look that person in the eye.
  2. What device to use and how to position in front of the camera- Hiring managers, you can make candidates feel more comfortable by letting them know that they need not worry about making direct eye contact, a normal “must-do” in an interview.
  3. Show up like you would a regular interview- Like you would any in-person meeting, make sure you are attending your video interview in a private place, where you won’t be distracted.
  4. Making yourself look better- First is lighting. The ideal is to find a space with ample natural lighting, which is always the most flattering light.
  5. Body language and interview environment- Hiring managers should be paying attention to the candidate’s communication style and body language, like they would in an in-person interview.
  6. Using screen sharing- For candidates, instead of rattling off facts about your current role and company, why not share a quick visual presentation about what your company does? Why not show a recent Investor Presentation, or YouTube video or PowerPoint? Or pull up some of your recent work?
  7. Give the candidate (and the hiring manager!) some grace- And let’s not forget, in this particular moment in time, they are also struggling with the myriad of mental, physical and emotional issues relating to dealing with a pandemic, over and above the pressures of a job interview!

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