Stanton Chase: The Future Of Manufacturing With AI And Robotic Machines

In less than two years, Changying Precision Technology Company replaced 90% of its employees with robots. Production soared by 250% and defects dropped by 80%. How can we all learn from this new model of manufacturing?

As manufacturers face new and increasing challenges, businesses in the industry must be more flexible now than ever before. Challenges like decreased times to market, reduced consumer transparencies, and shorter product lifecycles place previously unknown pressures on manufacturing businesses. To survive and succeed, manufacturers must be able to rapidly adapt and innovate to the constantly changing demands they face.

This latest article from Stanton Chase covers:

  • Robots That Communicate With Each Other 
  • Robots That Perform Multiple Tasks
  • Software That Manages All Machinery 
  • Interconnected Facilities That Span a Global Production Line 
  • Finding Executives Who Recognize the Future of Manufacturing 


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