Boyden: The Digital-Savvy C-Suite and Boardroom

In this article, Boyden discusses the importance of a digitally savvy C-suite and boardroom. In a recent Boyden survey of more than 1,200 American adults, Boyden found that most, or 53%, believe the management or senior leadership at their company is unprepared to implement a successful digital strategy. Meanwhile, only 14% say their company’s leadership is “very prepared.”
With digital transformation affecting businesses across industries, business units and regions, Boyden's report explores the challenges and opportunities that C-suite executives and directors must address in the digital environment, answering the questions below. 
  • How should C-suite executives and board members prepare for and capitalize on digital capabilities? 
  • What characteristics and investments will be necessary for management to succeed? 
  • How can they mitigate challenges to reap the benefits of digital capabilities? 
  • What changes to a company’s organizational structure, culture and people should be expected?
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