Vanderbloemen Search Group: Retaining Top Millennial Talent

Developing young professionals to eventually become leaders in the c-suite is vital to assuring the longevity of a business. However, it’s not always clear the best ways to both attract and retain the top talent. Holly Tate, a member of the millennial generation, has just celebrated five years at Vanderbloemen Search Group, challenging the common notion that millennials don’t remain at the same company for multiple years.

In this piece, Tate identifies and discusses five things about her current position that factor into why she has remained with her company for years:

  • Our cause can change the world.
  • My position challenges me daily yet allows me to live out my strengths.
  • My boss’s most frequently asked question is, “How can I help?”
  • I was given responsibility way earlier than I deserved it.
  • The culture is healthy and fun.

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