Spencer Stuart: Dynamic Talent for Dynamic Markets

In a recent report, Spencer Stuart outlines the attributes and additional skills needed for leaders in dynamic markets to truly be effective.  Dynamic market leaders must have cultural agility, handle different kinds of complexities, build local talent pipelines, connect with political and stakeholders, manage regulatory challenges, and have entrepreneurial spirit.

Many of the functional leadership roles in dynamic market companies, such as human resources, finance, marketing, risk and information technology, require specific skills and experiences.  To be successful in dynamic markets:

  • Chief financial officers often have experience in start-up operations, M&A, and understand complexities of ongoing currency fluctuations.
  • Chief information officers need to understand regulatory issues and that the cost of setting up information management systems is sometimes detrimental in dynamic markets.
  • Chief marketing officers need to possess a high degree of cultural fluency.  Consumer behaviors are affected by a complex mix of social and cultural factors which needs to be carefully addressed.
  • HR executives need to find ways to roll out HR policies that do not clash with local issues.  For example, governments in the developing world want to see their people being given leadership opportunities in global businesses and HR plays an important role in making this happen.

The full report is published on Spencer Stuart’s website. Read the full report.


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