Korn Ferry: Today’s Multiple Leadership Responsibilities

Increasingly boards and executives are looking for individuals who are multi: “multi-layered”, “multilingual”, and “multifaceted.” They want their candidates to fit these qualities as well as being well versed in traditional investing, the company’s mission, specific industries, geographies, cultures and languages.

As more impact investing positions arise, boards and management teams need to achieve alignment and balance to meet their specific position. Korn Ferry recommends a four-dimensional framework to help identity how well a candidate fits with their organization. They are:

  1. Competencies. Decision quality, strategic mindset, global perspective and business insight
  2. Experience. Functional experience, international assignments, turnarounds and fix-its
  3. Traits. Assertiveness, risk taking, confidence and aptitude for logic and reasoning
  4. Drivers. Power, status, autonomy and challenge

The full report is published on Korn Ferry’s website. Read the full report.


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