Russell Reynolds: Integrating ESG & Sustainability Into Your Finance Function

Russell Reynolds Associates surveyed 113 public and private company finance executives to better understand the current state of organizations, and their respective finance function’s role as it pertains to ESG & Sustainability priorities.

Increasingly ESG & Sustainability responsibilities are being placed on finance, yet for many, the impact has yet to be realized. 56% of organizations are still in the preliminary phase of their ESG & Sustainability implementation. 

The findings fall into the following topics:

  • Lack of clarity surrounding ESG & Sustainability poses challenges for finance

  • Underdeveloped strategy: few organizations are considered best-in-class when it comes to ESG & sustainability

  • Lack of standardization: inconsistently defined structures in ESG reporting leads to unclear ownership, or no ownership at all

  • What incentives? The most impactful ESG & Sustainability reporting metrics and functions are the least reported on

  • ESG & Sustainability reporting is here to stay and finance has a role to play

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