Russell Reynolds Associates: Technology & Humanity Will Rule the Future Workplace

Russell Reynolds Associates surveyed over 300 senior leaders, eighty-eight percent of whom are parents, to find out what they believe the future workplace of their children will look like and what it will take be a successful professional. The results found respondents believe there will be a mix of focus on both the increasing use of technology as well as a higher value of humanity among organizations. Interestingly, the majority of business leaders believe that, as technology advances, technical skill in professionals will not be as needed (with computers taking over such tasks), but conceptual and creative abilities, skills that cannot be replicated with machines, will become more important.

Other key findings include:

  • Respondents rank problem-solving as the top skill future generations will need to succeed in the future workplace.
  • 37% of business leaders surveyed name pursuing your passions the one piece of career advice they would offer to future generations.
  • Female business leaders are 45% more likely to say their motivated by doing meaningful work than male business leaders.

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