AltoPartners: What corporates can learn from entrepreneurs in family-owned companies

Although there have been many financial backsets in the past 20 years, such as the 2008 financial crisis and the global pandemic, many family-owned businesses persevered through it all and bounced back relatively easily. 

Albert Froom, Managing Partner Leaders Trust / AltoPartners the Netherlands and Global Practice Leader of Financial Services, says that these strong business performers represent over 60% of businesses in most European countries.

AltoPartners uses the help of their in-house managing partners to describe what corporate companies can learn from robust family businesses. The sections are designed as the following: 

  • Here to stay – long term outlook for sustainability
  • Company culture – mutual trust is a cornerstone
  • Innovation for the long run
  • Corporate social responsibility is ingrained in the business
  • Are family businesses perfect?
  • Successful governance in practice

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