Accord India: Workforce Engagement - What We Need is an App for Every Millennial Worker

Sonal Agrawal, Managing Partner for Accord India and Global AESC Board Member writes for Livemint how millennials view the employment market. Here is a quick summary: 

  • Me vs. company: The selfie generation is more self-absorbed, and self-aware.
  • Outcomes vs. process: Millennials do work hard, just not necessarily long. They value flexibility in the very construct of work.
  • Risk vs. stability: Many millennials in India live at home, which offers them the ability to experiment with different opportunities without huge financial repercussions.
  • Now vs. later: They want to grow, try new things and want rewards now, not at the end of the year or years into their career. They want feedback in real time, not at the end of the year.
  • Purpose vs. profit: Millennials want to make a difference, including within their organizations. 

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