Spencer Stuart Release 2015 Q1 S&P CEO Transitions

Spencer Stuart tracks CEO transitions among S&P 500 companies, reporting transitions on a quarterly and annual basis. The data looks at the companies that have experienced a CEO transition, as defined by the replacement of an outgoing CEO with a permanent CEO. Data include names of incoming and outgoing CEOs; the reason for the new appointment/departure of the former CEO, as reported by the company; the ages of both the outgoing and incoming CEO; and whether the appointment was an internal or external one.

In the first quarter of 2015, 14 S&P 500 companies appointed a new CEO. In addition, three companies named interim leaders to serve in the CEO role. Among the highlights from this past quarter:

  • Thirteen of the 14 transitions were planned, with 10 resulting from the retirement of the previous CEO.
  • All of the new CEOs come from within the company.
  • The average age of the incoming CEO is 53, compared to 61 for the outgoing CEOs.
  • None of the incoming CEOs have previous experience as the chief executive of a public company.
  • In all cases except one, the roles of CEO and board chair are split.
  • Five of the former CEOs were already serving as chairman of the board and are retaining that role. Another three outgoing CEOs are moving over to assume the title of board chairman.


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