B.E. Smith: 2015 Healthcare Trends

B.E. Smith released the latest Healthcare Trends for 2015. B.E. Smith and the American Hospital Association analyzed surveys from more than 300 healthcare executives and reflect on the most crucial trends expected to impact healthcare leaders.

2015 presents many challenges, but healthcare leaders should recognize that successfully navigating the changes presents exceptional opportunities to make significant progress towards transforming not only their organizations, but the industry as a whole. Some of the trends that will impact 2015 and beyond include:

  • Cost Saving vs. Quality Care- after years of trying to make aggressive cost cutbacks, care quality is equally demanded.
  • Migration of Care outside the Hospital- Caregiving is shifting outside the hospital into various other entities such as urgent care centers and at home care. This means more surgeries are now performed outpatient than inpatient.
  • Healthcare Consumerism- Patients want a seat at the table in the decisions about their health. Nine out of ten consumers prefer to be in control of medical decisions.

The full report is published on B.E. Smith’s website. Read the full article.


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