Witt and Kieffer: How Healthcare Executives Can Navigate Consolidation

According to Witt and Kieffer, consolidation in healthcare does not seem to be slowing, which will mean continued disruption for many executives who must navigate new organizational frameworks or transition to realigned roles or even new positions. In some cases, executives are laid off or transitioned out.

Consolidated organizations which have matrix-oriented structures require executives to work across departments and service lines more than in the past. It can test and enhance their collaborative and cross-functional skills. Some executives struggle but some welcome getting outside their comfort zones.

Here are a few considerations for healthcare execs:

  • What are their core skills and transferable experiences?
  • Are there inhibitors or derailers that would reduce the likelihood of success in a matrix structure?
  • Does an executive see a move as a demotion or sideways move, or perhaps as an exciting new opportunity?

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