Stanton Chase: Industrial Sector Positioned for Growth Through Digitalization

Stanton Chase released its fifth annual Global Industrial Executive Survey that covers why securing digital talent is crucial to implementing successful digitalization strategies.

  • 80% of respondents believe the current economic situation is consistent with or better than last year
  • 78% expressed optimism regarding growth in the coming year
  • 90% of respondents stated they are engaged in the digitalization process

The industrial industry is poised for significant growth driven by digitalization initiatives, which are crucial for obtaining consistent, reliable, and in-depth information needed to meet business goals and remain competitive. Successful enterprise digitalization requires four elements:

  • A strategic purpose for digitalization initiatives.
  • A commitment to adopting digitalization as a company-wide priority.
  • Acquiring and retaining leadership talent with proven digitalization skills.
  • Understanding and evaluating the ROI of digitalization initiatives.

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