Stanton Chase: How Industrial Leaders Are Taking A Stand For Climate Action

The post-pandemic period will be decisive for fending off climate change and boosting sustainability. As organizations and whole industries rethink their entire operating procedures and outlook, there are valuable lessons to be learned from the crisis that better equip the business world to tackle climate change. 

Despite an unprecedented drop in demand across the board, leaders remain staunchly committed to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives. This is just one of the findings of Stanton Chase’s recent survey of industrial leaders, who revealed that securing the best talent will be a crucial key to a successful transition to the post-pandemic economy.

Stanton Chase hopes to begin the conversation about climate change and how organizations can take action. The article outlines the following: 

  • The Mounting Toll Of COVID-19

  • Finding The Best Talent For A Crucial Transition

  • Prioritizing Diversity, Equality, And Inclusion

  • Viewing Climate Change As An Opportunity

  • How Companies Are Battling Climate Change

  • The Demand For A New Set Of Skill

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