Slayton Search Partners: How Private Equity Has Weathered the Storm of COVID-19

Few industries can say they had a record year in 2020, but the private equity sector boasts just that. Though the shocking onslaught of COVID-19 took its toll in the second quarter, PE weathered the storm and ended the year strong in a stunning show of resiliency and agility.

It’s not altogether surprising. Historically, PE investments in global downturns demonstrate higher returns than those made during normal markets. 2020 is still in sight in the rearview, but by all indications, it was no exception to this trend. The future looks highly optimistic for PE firms across the globe—and in fact, it’s likely they’ll be instrumental in continued economic recovery.

In this latest article from Slayton Search Partners, author Dan Dunn covers:

  • What the Numbers Tell Us About PE in 2020: The year ended on a high note, with deal value—primarily from the 3rd and 4th quarters—generating $592 billion; 8% higher than 2019.
  • Looking at the Future of Private Equity Post-Covid: PE firms around the globe exited 2020 with almost $1.5 trillion of dry powder, setting the stage for formidable growth ahead.
  • A Positive Outlook for the PE Sector

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