Sheffield Haworth: Marketing Moves to the Front Burner for Asset Management

Sheffield Haworth has seen an increase in marketing searches by the financial services industry. This demand for marketing is occurring across all financial sectors, including hedge funds, private equity and retail asset management firms. The demand comes at a time when companies are looking to differentiate their products and brand from competitors.   

The competition for talent will only intensify as more asset management firms begin to seek experienced marketing practitioners. Much of the talent can be found outside the financial service industry. Talent is likely to come from advertising agencies, consumer product and technology companies.

The primary challenge attracting this talent will be educating outsiders of the industry regulation and nuances. Firms will also need to elevate marketing from a sales support role to its own entity in order to attract needed talent. If they don’t, they are likely to see talented marketing candidates read negative signals into the reporting structure and opt out of the recruiting process.

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