O'Neill Consulting: How To Adjust Recruitment Strategies In A Pandemic Economy With Heightened Risks

In today’s environment, risk is a chief driver behind whether a candidate opts into a search process. Is the offer attractive enough to leave a good situation, where things are known? Is it enough to move to another role and company, where many things are unknown?

To build your team, build agility into your search process in these three ways:

  1. Expand your horizons. Hiring managers, and the recruiters they partner with, may need to incorporate ‘stretch candidates’ into their candidate pool.
  2. Acquire “A” players. There is a real opportunity to pick up usually hard to get A-players.
  3. Consider over-hires carefully. In a rapidly evolving situation such as this, be careful of hiring executives who are “bigger” than required, even if you’re scaling.

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