Odgers Berndtson: Making the Shift from Commercial to Not-for-Profit: What Successful Leaders Need to Know

There is a growing trend of corporate leaders transitioning to purpose-driven roles in not-for-profits, driven by a desire to align their work with their values, especially during times of crisis. Successful commercial leaders often seek to give back later in their careers, leading to peaks in such transitions after events like 9/11, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Simultaneously, not-for-profits are increasingly recruiting leaders from the corporate sector to gain fresh perspectives, improve efficiency, and achieve ambitious growth goals. These organizations value the novel ideas and proven approaches that commercial leaders bring, viewing them as essential for challenging the status quo and ensuring long-term viability.

In this article, better understand:

  • Why Successful Leaders Are Contemplating This Move 
  • The Challenges of Transitioning from Commercial to Not-for-Profit 
  • Preparing to Make the Leap 
  • And more!

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Derek Wilkinson, Ann C. Wheeler Ph.D
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