Korn Ferry: Asia’s Fever for Healthcare Talent

As Asia residents grow wealthier, older, and longer lived, the demand for quality healthcare becomes ever more crucial. The higher disposable income and sedentary lifestyle has led to a change of diseases profiled across Asia, where the risk to chronic lifestyle-based afflictions such as diabetes and heart problems is on the rise.

Korn Ferry finds that healthcare providers will find Asia a land of opportunity. To conduct the study, Korn Ferry interviewed senior executives at healthcare companies across Asia for insights into the opportunity and changes occurring. Among them are:

  • Need for talent
  • High staff turnover rates
  • Lack of education, training and infrastructure
  • Increased consolidation and M&A activity
  • Continued growth in medical tourism
  • Uneven government healthcare reform
  • Licensing hindered expansion

The full report is published on Korn Ferry’s website. Read the full report.


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