Witt/Kieffer: Recruiting Exceptional Nonprofit Leaders

Witt/Kieffer provides an effected guide for seeking exceptional talent in the Non-Profit sector.

What defines an exceptional nonprofit CEO or executive director? Several key attributes come to mind: creative, credible and communicative. He/she must have the ability to inspire the ranks, raise funds and ensure long-term sustainability. An exceptional nonprofit leader understands public policy, public relations, corporate partnerships, operational excellence and, most of all, strategic planning. Because recruiting such exceptional individuals is an imperative for today’s not-for-profits, we have published this guidebook, Recruiting Exceptional Nonprofit Leaders. The pages that follow share essential insights that a nonprofit organization must know as it recruits its next CEO or other top executive.

The chapters in the guide are as follows:

  1. Effective Nonprofit CEO Search Committees By Mark J. Andrew and John McFarland
  2. The Best Search Committees By Zachary A. Smith, Ph.D.
  3. How Search Committees Can See Bias in Themselves By Lucy A. Leske
  4. What to Look for in a Nonprofit Leader Today By John Fazekas
  5. How to Spot Cultural Fit in Nonprofit Leadership Candidates By Andrew R. Trechsel
  6. How to Spot Fundraising Potential in Leadership Candidates By Suzanne Teer
  7. What Not-For-Profit CEO Candidates Must Ask By Julie A. Rosen
  8. Gender in the Job Interview By Robin Mamlet
  9. Replacing an Iconic Nonprofit Leader By John Fazekas
  10. Effective CEO Transitioning and Onboarding By Paul W.H. Bohne


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