WittKieffer: The Executive Recruiting Road Ahead for 2022

An interview with Managing Partner and Practice Leader at WittKieffer, Zachary Smith, Ph.D., gives insights into some current challenges leaders are facing, how the pandemic changed senior recruitment and advice for those who are looking for a job amidst the COVID-19 changes. 

Some changes that occurred due to COVID-19 may be here to stay, such as, virtual interviews. Online interviews invite a more diverse pool of candidates since many, especially women and people of color, feel more vulnerable to negative repercussions in their present company if their candidacies are made public. Typically, the likelihood of candidacy being exposed is more likely when they have to travel to a first-round interview. Additionally, we've seen more executive-level position openings since COVID-19 due to lots of retirements and job changes. Many are predicting that the increasing executive job openings will not be slowing down in 2022 which makes it a preferable time for professionals seeking their next-level opportunity. 

WittKieffer asked Smith the following questions, use the link below to read more about his perceptions: 

  • What are some of higher education’s greatest challenges facing its leaders heading into 2022? What’s keeping leaders up at night?
  • Looking back, how has COVID-19 changed the way that institutions recruit senior leadership? Is it a permanent change?
  • COVID has forced every professional to reevaluate their career, creating a lot of turnovers. Do you think we’ll continue to see leaders change jobs (and careers) in 2022?
  • What advice do you have for those individuals considering a job change in this environment?


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