Spencer Stuart: Leadership Trends from CES 2021

A year ago, Spencer Stuart wrote that Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a “microcosm of the broader landscape,” and of course, that was true this year. The 2021 CES had its usual dazzling array of new technologies — from solar-powered cars to unbelievably thin and picture-perfect OLED TVs to every known personal and desk-fitness device one could think of (or so they thought). But, like everything these days, it was hardly business as usual. Mirroring the pandemic-related shutdown of the past year, the bright lights of Las Vegas were replaced by four days of virtual presentations.

While remaining hopeful for future in-person gatherings — particularly at CES 2022 — Spencer Stuart wanted to share some of the key trends and their talent implications that have emerged from CES 2021, and from their conversations with leading executives across the world.

  1. The digital transformation carries on
  2. Automotive and other industrial sectors embrace technology
  3. 5G expands its footprint
  4. Virtual leadership becomes an imperative
  5. Virtual hiring and onboarding carry on, refreshment and rejuvenation may be equally necessary
  6. Media is going all-in on streaming
  7. Ecosystem management is key, powered in many instances by the new platform economy

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