Slayton Search Partners: The Rise and Reality of the Counteroffer in Executive Hiring

Slayton Search Partners discusses a significant rise in counteroffers as well as the number of executive candidates willing to accept them.

  • With the national unemployment rate in the U.S. at a low 3.8% and 6.7 million positions open nationwide, the disparity between supply and demand of the most talented professionals continues to widen.
  • Demand is higher, and therefore many top candidates receive multiple job offers.
  • A predicted 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring, and studies show that 40% of companies aren't prepared with a succession plan.

As a result, counteroffers are the easier, faster option to avoid losing key leadership and spending months recruiting an outside executive.

Read more about how to best ensure your candidates don't accept counteroffers with these preventative measures.

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