Odgers Berndtson: Cross-Over Hiring in Consumer Goods

In this article from Odgers Berndtson, results from their survey regarding cross-over hiring in the consumer goods field in the UK is examined. In this survey, Odgers attempted to identify which industries within this sector are more open to cross-over hiring and to look at the motivations and success of these placements. Respondents overwhelmingly cited cross-over hiring as beneficial, yet only about 35% of those on leadership teams have worked in other industries.

Other notable results include:

  • 32% of survey respondents cited the FMCG sector as the main exporter of talent.
  • The roles with the largest amount of cross-over hires are on the Sales, Marketing, and Commercial teams.
  • A fresh perspective and more innovative approaches were cited as two of the main benefits of bringing in someone from another sector.

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